Naar hoofdinhoud

“Growth opportunities? They are unlimited here!”

On Joenoes Siahija’s business card, it says Customer Care Specialist. But in reality, his role is much broader. And moreover: much more dynamic. Exactly what Joenoes is looking for, because he loves variety and challenge.

“As a Customer Care Specialist, I manage one of our key accounts,” says Joenoes. “In addition, I fulfill a coordinating role for various other customer activities. I also take care of some fleet management and am partly responsible for material management. Versatile? That’s right! And that fits perfectly with my character. I just don’t like standing on the sidelines. Wherever I can contribute to the success of our company, I do so.”

High-Speed Train
“I joined CSE in 2018. Did you know that back then I had nothing to do with transport and logistics? I had been a hospitality doorman for 21 years and had an operational, supervisory role at a security company. But sometimes you just want something different… Someone pointed out a vacancy at CSE to me. After a pleasant interview, I decided to hop on the CSE high-speed train. And I haven’t regretted it for a moment.”

“Go with the flow, then opportunities will arise naturally”

Quality comes first
“Our company is developing enormously, especially in recent years. For example, in the field of automation, but also in how we deal with customers. We want to serve them in the best possible way: quality comes first. So, it is logical and useful that the Customer Care department was established. I mean, if “Quality by Difference” is your slogan… I think it’s really cool that I can contribute to shaping and promoting our company’s vision.”

Go with the flow
“The growth opportunities at CSE are unlimited: the sky is the limit. If you want it yourself, there is more than enough room to grow. That perspective makes it interesting for me. I haven’t mapped out a specific development path; I find it particularly fascinating to be part of a growing organization. My motto is: go with the flow, then opportunities will arise naturally.”