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Remain fast and flexible

Are you experiencing a decline in the sale of beverage cans? Or, conversely, are you selling more units than ever and can you barely keep up? This could potentially create bottlenecks in the production or logistics process. Fortunately, our warehouses – with their huge stocking capacity – can eliminate this problem.

CSE Locations

Our warehouses are located in strategic areas in Limburg province in the southeastern part of the Netherlands: the towns of Born and Weert. From these sites, we can supply beverage manufacturers in the Benelux region, Northern France, and the Ruhr District flexibly and efficiently. Got an emergency order? It can be delivered to its destination in less than 12 hours.

Warehouses Certification

Both our warehouses are BREAAM-certified, which provides that we deliver a sustainable performance not just when it comes to energy, but across the board: from waste and water up to and including management and health.


  • 10000 m2m2 warehouse

Born Warehousing
Holtum-Noordweg 20
6121 RE Born
The Netherlands

Born is a trimodal logistics hotspot.

Our Born warehouse in Limburg abuts the A2 highway and is located near the Kerensheide junction, which connects the A2 and A76 highways. Also accessible by train and boat, this location serves as a trimodal logistics hub.


  • 10000 m2m2 warehouse

Weert Warehousing
Via Raeka 4
6003 NK Weert
The Netherlands

Weert is located near our customers’ customers

The Weert warehouse has the perfect geographic location: right on the A2 highway and near several of our customers’ customers. This keeps routes short and transportation both sustainable and efficient.