Naar hoofdinhoud

“We’re about five years ahead here.”

No risk no fun is a saying that characterizes CSE. But what does it actually mean? “It’s fine to talk, but it’s even better to act,” responds project manager Jos van den Hoven. “Our sorting machine, the new green warehouses, the electric trucks and forklifts… Having the courage to push forward has brought us and our customers a lot of good things.”

The further development of our sorting machine was the first project Jos dove into. “We are still running with the prototype for now, but the new machine – with a double line – will arrive in Oss at the end of April. This is the first of its kind: everywhere in the world, layer cards are still sorted by hand. Our machine feeds the sheets one by one, cleans them, and inspects them with a camera. Then they end up in the stack of ‘approved’ or ‘rejected’. Thanks to this automated process, the scrap rate goes down and the quality goes up. And it’s super consistent as well.”

“By trying, you naturally discover if something works.”

Everything on self-generated solar power
You can also see that sustainability is important for CSE in the two warehouses. “In Weert, half of the roof is covered with solar panels,” Jos explains. “And we make optimal use of the energy they produce. Everything runs on it: from the roller doors and the lighting to the electric forklifts. We charge the batteries of those forklifts in half an hour, after which we can use them for eight hours. And our electric trucks also run entirely on self-generated solar power.”

CO2 reduction is a sport
“At CSE, we see reducing CO2 emissions as a sport,” Jos proudly states. “That’s why we go for the best and newest technologies, and ultimately a self-sustaining chain. Often we don’t know exactly what innovations will bring beforehand. But that’s what makes it so much fun! By trying, you naturally discover if something works. Thanks to that mentality, we’re about five years ahead here. The beauty of it is: that motivates our customers and industry peers to also take action.”