Naar hoofdinhoud

“The collaboration is very loyal on both sides”

Quality by difference is our promise. Do we live up to it? Our partners know. We have been working very intensively with BAS Group since day one. The partnership goes beyond a mere business relationship. How so? Bas van Heertum, CEO of the international powerhouse in the trade of commercial vehicles and machinery, explains.

The collaboration

“When Martijn started on his own, I saw the fire in his eyes. I believed in his plans right away and decided to help him with the financing of his first fleet of trucks. Not long after, he could make those investments on his own, but even then, we continued to supply the trucks. And we still do: we assist CSE with (electric) trucks, manage their fleet, and handle repair and maintenance. We also provide training for the drivers. The collaboration is very loyal on both sides.”

The added value

“Our companies have a lot in common. Processes can always be improved, and we are extremely ambitious. Within our collaboration, we also strive for the optimal. A special added value lies in the sharing of knowledge. We closely follow macro-economic developments and discuss them very openly. This improves each other’s competitive position. We also work towards sustainability side by side. Thanks in part to our contribution, CSE will be able to transport CO2-neutrally in the future. Don’t underestimate it: that has a tremendous impact.”

The future

“What I admire about CSE is the company’s foresight. They know where the market is heading and always stay one step ahead of their competitors. Martijn demands the very best from his team and his partners. The bar is set high, rightfully so. By being honest with each other and addressing the issues, you move forward together. It also contributes to a reliable relationship. Over the past years, we have taken many significant steps together, but we still have plenty of energy and ambition. I look forward to discovering what lies ahead for us.”