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Cargo Service Europe Appoints Anita Leeijen as Group CFO

Anita Leeijen is our new Group CFO. She is responsible for the numbers but also focuses on further internationalization and global partnerships. In addition, she will lead our organization, bringing her drive that aligns perfectly with our goals, as Anita is always looking forward. In this blog, she introduces herself.

Welcome to CSE! What were you doing before this?
“Before, I was the Commercial Director at Zwanenberg Advies and Managing Director at BANVO. In those roles, I was involved in various acquisitions, financings, and challenging projects. With the knowledge and experience I gained, I am confident that I can make a meaningful contribution to CSE.”

How exactly do you plan to do that?
“CSE is growing tremendously fast, and we want to continue that growth. The focus in the coming years is on further internationalization, global partnerships, and establishing new foreign branches.”

“I find myself in a company with many warm people who are super-driven.”

And you will be involved in that?
“Indeed. As Group CFO, I will be responsible for the financials but will also strongly focus on the significant steps for the future. Additionally, I will lead our organization. It’s a busy job, but it challenges me, and I can utilize all my qualities. I feel the confidence, which motivates me to contribute something beautiful to CSE.”

Finally: why do you think you fit in with us?
“I am always pursuing the next challenge. Here, I get the opportunity to work on relevant matters such as sustainability and future resilience from a strong foundation. Equally important, I find myself in a company with many warm people who are super-driven. I already feel at home.”

“We were looking for someone like Anita.”

CSE owner Martijn Vos is convinced of Anita’s qualities. “She has gained valuable experience in other industries in the business world. With a critical eye and new knowledge, especially in the areas of acquisitions and digitalization, she brings what we were looking for. We are growing rapidly, partly due to the expansion of our sister company CSE Sorting.”