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“We’re really going to make a splash with CSE Sorting”

At CSE, we’re all about putting ‘the pedal to the metal’. If we see an opportunity, we seize it. For instance, by developing and building an innovative sorting machine ourselves. Pieter Verhoeven, our newly appointed Sorting manager, knows all about it. Five questions, five answers.

What are your first impressions of our company?
“Exactly as I had expected. All colleagues here have a can-do attitude: less talk, more action. And the entrepreneurship in this company is fantastic. CSE Sorting is a perfect example of that because it allows us to integrate even further into our customers’ processes.”

Why did you take on this challenge?
“Before this, I worked as a sales manager at CANPACK, a customer of CSE. This made me familiar with the company and aware of the developments with the sorting machine. These developments greatly appeal to me because they can lead to significant cost savings for our clients.”

“The machine leads to an 80% decrease in FTEs.”

How does that cost-saving work exactly?
“Interlayers that come from a pallet are often manually or semi-manually sorted by beverage producers. We have developed an innovative machine that can do this faster and clean the sheets better. The machine leads to an 80% decrease in FTEs!”

What ambitions do you have with CSE Sorting?
“The bar is set high. The prototype has been running for over a year, eliminating all teething problems. The new machine, which will arrive in Oss in February, is even faster and cleans 100% of the sheets with automation using dry cleaning. This is a unique feature in the market. With this, we aim to conquer the world, starting with Europe and later expanding to countries like the United States, Japan, and Australia. The Middle East is also of interest.”

What’s happening until February?
“Primarily, we reach out to potential customers and visit their factories. This approach allows us to map their current sorting activities and create business cases. In addition, we develop the Sorting strategy, work on a new website, handle all legal matters, and ensure project management with the supplier building the machine. Actual sales will start when the sorting machine is here. Because potential customers will not make such an investment, or lease arrangement, based on a simple video. We are gearing up to make a significant impact with CSE Sorting starting in February!”