Naar hoofdinhoud

“I love the ongoing puzzle”

Lennart Sanders has been with us since 2017. As an Inventory Controller, he is among other things the watchful eye over our pallet stock. Lennart finds one of the most enjoyable aspects of his job is that it presents him with new (unpredictable) challenges every day.

 Lennart, how important is the human factor at CSE?“Very important. Everyone is willing to roll up their sleeves, including the managers and directors. I remember situations where we were short-handed. In those cases, management would head to the warehouses to operate forklifts alongside us. That’s typical of CSE: we identify the problem and take action immediately. We always find a solution.”

 What keywords describe the CSE culture?
“Informal, engaged, and professional. Together, we genuinely strive for quality every day. And we succeed, thanks to clear communication, solid agreements, and the intrinsic motivation to go the extra mile—for our customers and for each other.”

“We make the difference with our flexibility”

How do you notice this as a supplier or customer?
“One time a can supplier had an IT issue. This caused us to lose track of our inventory as well. In such a situation, something extra comes out. We put together Excel sheets and Google spreadsheets and made do with what we had. Successfully, because for this supplier, CSE was the only party left that could deliver.”

Do you have enough room to develop yourself?
“Absolutely. I started as a forklift driver and then progressed to my current role through a position as an administrator. Currently, I am studying Warehouse Management. So yes, I have all the room to develop myself.”

So, you feel completely at home?
“Absolutely! What I particularly like at CSE is the dynamic nature of our logistics. Our plans can change suddenly, for example, because a partner is facing a challenge. You have to be able to handle that. For me, it goes even further: I love that ongoing puzzle. Our flexibility is what sets us apart.”