Naar hoofdinhoud

“Delighted to feel healthier”

Vincent de Muijnck has been one of our loyal (charter) drivers for many years. He loves his job, even though it sometimes presents challenges. Because how do you stay in shape, for instance, when you’re away from home from Monday morning until Friday evening? For Vincent, company sports were the solution.

“I’m a newly diagnosed diabetic: my blood sugar level is too high,” Vincent explains. “Of course, I have medication, but the absolute best remedy is… losing weight. Company sports are perfect for me. Every Tuesday evening, you’ll find me at the gym, on the upper floor of the warehouse in Weert. Under guidance, I do strength training and work on my fitness. With success, because I move much easier and have even lost weight. My belly, my arms, my legs… Everything is leaner and more flexible.”

Conscious Choice
“I’ve been driving for CSE since December 2010. In principle, the work is repetitive; I drive the same route multiple times a day. Sometimes I miss the variety I had as an international driver. But it was a conscious choice. The employment conditions at CSE are excellent, and I have job security. Everyone works hard, but the culture is very approachable. I really appreciate that.”

“Without this arrangement, I probably wouldn’t exercise”

Exercising on Site
“The fact that I can exercise for free is fantastic. It proves that CSE values the health of its employees. Without this arrangement, I probably wouldn’t exercise. How would I do that? I live in the province of Zeeland, I leave home on Monday morning and return on Friday evening. I sleep in my truck at night. Joining a gym – that’s just not practical for me.”

Good Condition
“However, exercising alone isn’t enough. I also pay better attention to my diet. For example, I bring healthy meals from home every week. Don’t be mistaken: driving can be physically demanding. I once kept track. Did you know I walk about 20 kilometers every day? So, good condition is important. Another reason to keep exercising. And it just feels wonderful to be healthier.”