Naar hoofdinhoud

“All the room for the next step”

Since April 2020, Marian Damen has been our Assistant Finance Manager. She enjoys her duties, supporting our Finance Manager. But it doesn’t stop there: Marian is pursuing a master’s degree in Finance & Control.

“It’s always good to develop yourself,” she laughs. “I am 43, so I still have about 25 years of work ahead of me. In that time, I want to learn all sorts of things! Fortunately, there is more than enough room to grow at CSE. The master’s program I am taking, lasts at least two years. The workload is considerable, but if you plan it well, it’s manageable. And: it’s a lot of fun, I learn a lot from it.”

Education and Growth
“Where I want to grow to? I’m not exactly sure. The nice thing is that I don’t have to know yet. CSE is growing rapidly, and new opportunities naturally arise. It’s logical, therefore, that education and employee growth are a fixed part of our progress discussions.”

“Growth is an important motivator for me”

Love for Numbers
“Besides my education, my current position also offers enough challenges. While the Finance Manager keeps an eye on the big financial picture, I take care of the details. Booking financial data, creating general ledger accounts, processing journal entries… I’ve always had something for numbers, and I find my work challenging every day. Another big plus is my colleagues. I’ve joined a very nice team here at CSE.”

Space for Steps
“Do I enjoy it here? Absolutely. I’m not a job hopper, for sure. I like staying in one place for a longer time. I worked for my previous employer for ten years and the one before that for nine. But, be careful: ‘staying in one place’ is very different from standing still. I always look for challenges; growth is an important motivator for me. That’s why it’s so great that there’s all the space here to take the next step.”