About us

Cargo Service Europe (CSE) is an innovative player in the field of transport and logistics. We are specialized in full truck load’-road transport throughout Europe. With more than 100 trucks (LHVs with 150m3, 120m3 volume combinations & 90m3 mega trailers) we are one of the major players in the high-volume segment in the Benelux.

Continuity is the key word in the distinctive approach of CSE, which focuses on the entire supply chain of customers.


We opt for a client-oriented approach with attention for service and quality. This translates into open communication: short lines, clear communication of what is and is not possible and no price alterations. Quality by Difference.




CSE prefers to work with regional partners, including approximately 15 small transport businesses in the region. This joining of forces ensures a high level of involvement. In order to emphasise the regional role, CSE recently also became a member of the Logistics Platform Oss. We believe in this joint venture, which enables Oss, the region and the logistics partners to stand together, shoulder to shoulder.

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